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Pneuma Breath of Life Game Review

Pneuma Breath of Life game developed by Deco Digital, was to put the Unreal Engine 4 to test. The game is a thrilling first-person puzzler that engages the gamer through a narrative focused on exploring the simple nature of reality and self-discovery. Pneuma: Breath of Life requires the player to think outside the box to fathom environmental challenges. The game is nonreligious, although some of its ideas may base on a familiar scripture.

The towers, courtyards, and Greco-Roman halls make up a military-free zone for non-believers and believers; extending back to the sacred traditions in the art with no possibility of striking any preachy or blasphemous people. The game has a way to make you feel like you are trespassing the holy ground or under omnipresent surveillance. ‘Pneuma,’ a god, is equally as new to the universe as you are, but his significance in it brazes him.

His hilarious inner monologue walks you through a transverse and exploring journey. The challenges require observation, lateral thinking skills and perception to solve.Rotate platforms, move entire buildings and lift bridges with the power of your mind. Pneuma: Breath of Life is all about how you analyze situations and nothing to do with controlling skills. Most of the puzzles can be solved by either looking or not looking at things.

However, there are a couple of conundrums and jumping sections that are more challenging. Pneumas monologue is full of tips on how to succeed. His initial tone is playful as he unconsciously reveals the design and structure of the game.To illustrate existential dilemmas, some characters use the designs involutions. The moment Pneuma utters” as I move forward, the world approaches!” the immediate reaction is amusing but has a twisted sense when you think out of context. The plot is a basis for some exciting puns. For instance, Pneuma questions if he can move platforms to tears since he can move them by just looking at them.

Pneuma is deep in thoughts, some which preoccupied past philosophers for many centuries.Breath of Life does not evolve. To some extent, the puzzles chain together, but it isn’t the case with the elaboration of simple problems to complex. You have to spend too much time extracting blueprints from texts. Instead of figuring out their connection, you are forced to pick one at a time. You do not have the chance to look back and celebrate your advancement. Interpretations vary in every case. You are allowed to decide your way; the certainty that everyone is under surveillance by an unseen power or the confidence that no one is watching.

Without any doubt, Pneuma: Breath of Life is a significant contribution to video games. It has its unique way of challenging gamers to add to the experience. Through the sound element, hitherto dismissed may be an important clue. The game leaves you feeling like a narrative whiplash. Indeed it is quite a special snowflake to the first person game. It pushes the brain to its limit with the ontological mystery.

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